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Utilities Category

Advanced Office Password Recovery

Advanced Office Password Recovery allows business managers, information technology support administrators, and law enforcement officials to use Office XP documents which have been accidentally or purposefully password protected. The program works with all versions of Word, Excel, Access, and other Office files, including the latest releases, as well as other Microsoft programs including Project and Visio. In addition to unlocking the passwords required to open or modify a protected file, AOXPPR also unlocks Excel workbook and worksheet passwords, VBA project passwords, and all of the passwords associated with Office files.  While most passwords can be recovered or removed instantly, some passwords can only be uncovered by trying every possible combination of characters. The "open" passwords for Word and Excel are among the most difficult, and "brute force" is required to recover them. Despite claims that Office XP documents are protected by better passwords than those of earlier versions, AOXPPR can recover XP's passwords even more quickly than ever. Part of AOXPPR's increase in speed is due to the new lightning-fast assembler language routine that has been optimized for the latest CPUs. Another reason for the enhanced processing speed is the user's ability to specify information about possible passwords that were used to protect documents.

The more you know about the password to be recovered, the quicker the recovery process will be. You can specify the length of the password. You can also decide to use upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation, or even a custom (international) character set. If you know the beginning character or any part of the password, you can build a mask that will enable the program to recover the password much more quickly. If you suspect that the password consists of a word, you can do a dictionary search to speed up processing. You can even specify which dictionaries to use, including legal, medical, and foreign language dictionaries.  Whether you're dealing with a user who forgot their password, a file that was created by an employee who left the company, a document that was password protected by a disgruntled employee, or a file that is part of a legal investigation, AOXPPR provides the tools to recover it.

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Quick Facts
Company:ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
Date added:February 6, 2011
File size: 22.7 Mb
Approx. download time: 43.3 sec @ 4 Mbps
Minimum requirements:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


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